Nine Decades By Hopscotch (Delivery In Two Days)

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Cocktail: Nine Decades by Hopscotch

Ingredients: Banana-infused Maker’s Mark, Mango Rempah infusion, Chocolate Bitters, Rachelle the Rabbit Double Kick Mead

Inspiration: A spirit-forward drink, the strength of “Nine Decades” signifies the intensity of the emotions tied to this area. The flavours in our cocktail comprise fruity and sweet notes of banana, mango and mead over the boldness and strength of bourbon, offering a sweet aromatic reprieve to the oak and smoke, a representation of the war’s end. The drink follows through with “rempah” a South-east Asian spice blend of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, anise and coriander seeds, before finishing off with the mellow aroma of chocolates. Overall, the drink is strong yet palatable with widely accepted local ingredients. The pairing of flavours is simple and time-tested, yet made complex with the layering of spices and smoke.

ABV: 29.8%

(Keep refrigerated. Shake well and serve cold.)

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