White Peony

$18++ (U.P. $26++)

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
Restaurant: 5pm - 10:30pm
Bar: 6pm - Midnight

Closed on Sunday

52A Amoy Street, Singapore 069878

Cocktail Inspiration
Sip and you will discover : local flavours and the spirit of community with the exquisite White Peony. The richness of our native land emboldened by Roku Gin, tea leaves from the city's oldest tea house, Fresh calamansi, ginger flowers, and pepper leaves from their edible garden and a house-made, no-waste tonic. Raise your glasses to this heady bouquet.

About the Bar
was created to showcase the essence of its region, celebrating the local craftsmen, fresh produce, and unique flavors. Every drink at the bar is a vehicle for storytelling, sharing the rich cultural heritage and traditions that have influenced its creation. From the carefully crafted spirits to the inspired ingredients. Guests are invited to savor each sip and explore the history behind it. Visit the bar and immerse yourself in the heart of the region, one drink at a time.

Terms & Condition
  • Wear your wristband when you visit any of the participating bars for SGCF Signature Cocktails at $18++ (U.P. $25++) from 5 May to 21 May.
  • Wristband is not exchangeable for cash or any other promotions.
  • Wristband is reusable from 5 May to 21 May.
  • Please make your reservations before visiting. Venue owners reserve the right to turn away visitors if the venue is full.