Singapore Cocktail Festival

Trade Workshops and Panel Discussions

Branding for Bartenders


Organised by SGCF

90 minutes

30-50 pax

Festival Village

Every cocktail has a story, as with the bartender who created it. Behind the globe-trotting glitz and glamour of award-winning bartenders and brand ambassadors, are stories of commitment and dedication to build a personal brand. Join our panel of established brand ambassadors, bar owners and consultants as they share their journeys, tips and insights on how to pave the route for career and self-progression in the world of bartending.

Panelists: Jay Gray, Brand Ambassador for Monkey Shoulder; Dave Koh, Owner of Bar Stories; Din Hassan, Head Bartender and Assistant Beverage Manager of CÉ LA VI Singapore

Facilitator: Dan Bignold, Editor-in-chief of DRiNK Magazine


the Dutch Spirit


Organised by BOLS

60 minutes

30-50 pax

Festival Village

Lucas Bols is currently the oldest distilled spirit brand in the world. In 1575, the Dutch family started distilling liqueurs in Amsterdam. In 1664, we expanded our distilling expertise and started producing the famous Dutch spirit Genever - at that time, a very common drink made from long fermented rye, sorn and wheat, triple distilled in copper pot stills and blended with juniper and other botanical distillates. In our trade workshop, we will walk through the long history of Genever and the Bols brand. The audience will be brought through the unique production process and taste the different styles of Genever.

Besides its rich history in spirits and brand, Genever also played an important role in the emergence of cocktails in the United States, having been exported to the United States by Lucas Bols as early as 1823. In the first ever cocktail book written by Jerry Thomas in 1862, one out of four drinks were made with Genever. Master bartender of Lucas Bols, Ivar de Lange (guest bartender at the first Singapore Cocktail Week), will talk about the role of Genever in the history of cocktails, the classics made with Genever and how to use our original 1820 recipe and our barrel aged Genever in cocktails.

Speakers: Malika Saidi, Brand Ambassador for Lucas Bols; Ivar de Lange, Brand Ambassador for Lucas Bols